Second Grade

Welcome to the 2nd Grade page!  Here is some information about what we do in 2nd Grade!

Religion:  This is a very important year for the second graders as they prepare for the reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist.

Reading/Language Arts:  Using the Macmillan/McGraw-Hill series the students are reading a variety of genre while retelling stories and building comprehension skills.  They use a variety of strategies to figure out unknown words in their reading.  They also write stories using story maps, learn to edit their work, and they develop good phonics skills as well as good spelling and dictionary skills.

Math:  The children use the Saxson Math to read and identify numbers to 1,000, add and subtract number facts to 18, and use regrouping when solving larger computation problems.  They also learn to tell time to the 5 minute increment, identify fractions, count money and make change, measure while using different tools, recognize and name geometric shapes, and solve problems using patterns, predictions, and estimation.

Science:  The second graders learn to observe their surroundings as a scientist does.  Their units of study include: Animal Needs, Frogs, Insects, Learned and Inherited Traits, Animal Types, Simple Machines, Ecology, and Changes in Our Earth (dinosaurs).

Social Studies:  With many hands-on opportunities, the children learn more about communities, past and present.  They learn map skills using desk maps, globes, and atlases.  The units of study include: Communities, Exploring Mps and Globes, Pilgrims, Exploring Our Country and State, Our Country’s Government and History, American Presidents, and Looking at Our World.

Handwriting: The second graders will continue to improve their fine motor skills and print legibly when writing upper and lower case letters using the proper manuscript form.  They will use the handwriting series A Reason for Handwriting based on scripture verses.  The children practice these skills writing personal letters.  These are sent to our parish shut-ins periodically throughout the school year to let them know that we care about them and pray for them.

Art: The students explore a variety of art mediums with seasonal projects throughout the school year.  A project is completed at the Whistlestop Pottery here in York.

kathy-quinlan@stjosephyork.orgMrs. Quinlan, second grade teacher