Welcome to St. Joseph School, class of 2028!

kindergarten bus 2

The Kindergarten class went on three different field trips in the month of October.  On October 1st we went on a bus ride to the York bus barn.  Our trip included a tour of where the York School District stores and maintains their buses.


During Fire Safety Week, we walked to the Fire Department.  Fireman Brett showed us the different kinds of equipment and trucks that are used in emergencies.  We learned some neat things and came back to the school with coloring books and red firemen hats.


On October 19th , we visited David and Linda Kreifels’ farm near the airport.  The kids got a chance to ride in a combine and a tractor.  Many kids get very little exposure to life on a farm and there may be a few kids that never get another chance to ride in a combine or tractor.

A big thanks to the parents (and grandparents) who were able to help us on these trips!


Upcoming Events:
Kindergarten Roundup for the class of 2029 is scheduled for Wednesday, February 24th from 12:30 – 2:00.  You should be receiving an invitation in the mail to join us for an afternoon of activities, though if you do not, please come anyway!  Our principal, Mrs. Geiger, will greet parents while our kindergarten teacher, Mr. Kreifels, will take the children into the room to begin their school experience.

This is an important time for you and your child, as he/she will soon be starting their formal school years.  How fortunate we are to have a strong Catholic school to aid in educating your child!  For religion to be learned, it must be experienced.  At St. Joseph Catholic School, religious experience is an ongoing process woven into the many aspects of each and every school day.

As your child has grown and matured under your watchful eye, it is now time to choose the school that will further aid your child in this process of spiritual growth, as well as mental growth:  spiritual growth to help your child fulfill the purpose of which they were created, and mental growth to help your child contribute their service towards the betterment of society.

We ask you to take the time to make this important decision for your child, and provide him or her with a quality, Catholic-based education.  We look forward to having you join our St. Joseph School community.  We look forward to getting to know you better as the school year continues!

RochelleGeiger.jpgRochelle Geiger, PrincipalAdamKreifels.jpg


Adam Kreifels, Kindergarten


What will you need to bring by the first day of school?

We will need a copy of your child’s State of Nebraska birth ceritficate (or official copy from his/her state/country of birth).  If your child attended Little Angels Preschool, the birth certificate is already on file.

You will also need a kindergarten physical form.  The physical must include a visit to the dentist and eye doctor as well as pediatrician.  Click here for a form you can print out or pick one up in the school office.  You will also need to bring a copy of your child’s current immunization records.

If your child was not Baptized here at St. Joseph Church, we will also need a copy of his/her Baptismal Certificate.