First Grade

In first grade we have been able to do a few art projects this month, because they have all been working their hardest!  Our first art project this month was mixing colors of paint to get different colors.  We learned that red + blue = purple, red + yellow = orange, and yellow + blue = green.  We then were able to mix any color with red, yellow, and blue.  The results are in the hallway.

We also painted pumpkins that were donated to the whole school!  To end the month of October, we made paper bag pumpkins. To make these pumpkins, you take a lunch bag and stuff it with old plastic bags.  After they are stuffed, rubber band the top to make a “stem”.  Paint under the rubber band orange, above the rubber band green, and then add your jack-o-lantern face with black!

Next, we will be focusing on our Thanksgiving play!


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  1. Joe Folchert says:

    Dear Mrs. Pullen. We would like to say “congratulations” for becoming the new 1st grade teacher at St. Joseph’s Catholic School. With all of our Love, Mom and Dad Folchert!! We Love You!

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